Important information for guests visiting us!

Important information for guests visiting us! T

Fonna Summer Ski Center opens Friday, May 1st. In this connection, a number of measures have been prepared that we and all of you guests must follow.

Practical info:

- Ticket sales are closed and anyone who does not have a valid card, MUST purchase tickets online, https: //
- If you buy with a new keycard you can pick these in the skirental.
- Ski rental open.
- Cafe closed
-All must park at a good distanceIt will not be arranged with tables and benches outside, we would rather everyone can spawn their own space in the snow and sit scattered.
- There is no room for change / changing

Rules in the facility:

- Children under 10 years only according to adult
- All must hold min. 1 meters distance
- Only 1 and 1 on the elevator, or 2 on the T-hook if it is from the same family.
- All guests must wear gloves
- All guests should have front and nose buffs in areas where there are more people
- Lift que, everyone should stand in line and not side by side.
- All guests must keep my 2.5 meters to all staff in the facility.


General rules:

- If you have been abroad for the last 14 days or are in quarantine, you should stay home.
- Do you know any symptoms such as. sore throat, heavy breathing, etc. should you not be hereIf you have been in contact with a person infected or likely to be infected by covid-19, you should stay home.
Are you healthy, fast and no symptoms you are welcome to us 😊


In case of accidents:

- We will of course help everyone who needs help, but in a somewhat "cautious" way. if you are injured or need help, we are available on tel: 56123008 We will then ask some control questions that we have received from health services to identify "danger of infection" From the assessments we will assess measures or not, but everyone should get help 😊


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