Closing of the ferry

Closing of the ferry docks in Jondal and Tørvikbygd No, new and larger ferry members will be in place, and the ferry quays will therefore be closed from Tuesday, June 2 through Sunday, June 14. is scheduled for June 2.

Starts on rebuilding

Until now, among other foundations for new ferry jetties are cast, and the contractor has done preliminary work for the very main work that will now be done. During this period, the actual conversion of the ferry quays will take place, and today's ferry quays will be dismantled and demolished. The work is done on the ferry docks at the same time in Jondal and Tørvikbygd.

Alternative route

Recommended driving by car is via the ferry association Gjermundshamn - Årsnes. For alternative bypass routes see transport The rebuilding will have consequences for road users, and Skyss will insert alternative boat transport and corresponding buses for the travelers. See more information at is a limited number of parking spaces available at the ferry docks in Jondal and Tørvikbygd.

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