One of Europe's best parks!
- Jon Olsson

FONNA, With Emil Fossheim and The Mushroom Crew at the forefront, is known for its freestyle park. This year we open the park in mid-May and drive it in full size until the end of July. In August we drive a scaled-down, but still good park. The Fonna Park is voted one of the world's premier freestyle parks on summer snow every year. Come to Fonna and try for yourself!

Fallow @fonnasnowpark for (almost) daily updates this summer!

Fonna can park and freestyle. Each year, several of the world's national teams add their summer collections to Fonna. We also host several campers, private teams, university teams and, not least, many film companies that are looking for the legendary Fonna sunset. Several of the world's best park and freestyle drivers spend several months at Fonna every summer.

Opening hours

Fonna closed for public 14. July.
We are only open for alpine teams.